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An online photographic restoration service

Photography is one of the greatest inventions of the industrial age. It allows us to see aspects of the world, current and past, that we could barely imagine without it. It adds flesh to news stories and text books, magnifying our understanding of the subject immeasurably.

But it is the personal application of photography that has been its most valuable contribution to our lives. It provides a record of the course of our lives and the lives of our families. It acts as an aide-mémoir to old friends, distant family and loved-ones long deceased.

Time, unfortunately, is not kind to the traditional photograph. Over the years contrast and colours fade. Damage accumulates in the form of bends, tears, scratches and splashes. However, modern computer methods can resurrect these cherished images and this is the service we are offering here.

We can repair, enhance and add colour to your photographs. At the moment the service we offer is entirely digital. That is, you will have to have your photograph scanned and we will produce a new image that you can download. You will need to get this printed and framed yourself.

Original Scanned image. arrow. Enhanced image. arrow. Colourised image.

Original scanned photograph.


Repaired and enhanced.


Optionally colourised.

Transfer of media and data

All communication for this service will be carried out electronically. The customers photograph must be scanned and uploaded using the form provided on the 'Instructions' page.

The finished product will be made available for download from the website. They will be in TIF format unless otherwise agreed.

Pricing, proof agreement and payment

After the customer has uploaded their picture it will be assessed and a price for the work will be calculated. The customer will be quoted this cost via email. When the customer agrees this cost then the work will be carried out. If the customer does not agree to this cost then no work will be carried out. (Negotiation between and the customer can reduce the cost by reducing the amount of work carried out on the photograph).

Finished products will be presented to the customer, initially, as a reduced size (pixel count) version with a watermark for evaluation and acceptance. A link for Paypal payment will be presented at this time as well. (Paypal is the only payment method accepted). Upon receipt of payment the finished product will be placed on the website in a password protected area. A password will be sent to the customer allowing them to download the file.

Corrections, alterations

As the customer will have already seen the reduced size proof picture it is assumed that they are happy with the work carried out. However, if there are mistakes that can be shown to be not apparent in the proof then will correct these free of charge.

Additional work, alterations or improvements, not previously agreed to, will be carried out at extra cost after negotiation and agreement with the customer.

Privacy policy

Customer details (e.g. names, email addresses) are kept confidentially and securely. They are not passed on in any form to third parties.

Images uploaded to this site and finished (and intermediate) images are treated with the same confidentiality. Customer images will not be displayed on this website without prior agreement.

Customer details and images will be stored for a period of 6 months after the last communication in case of additional work being required.

Cookie policy

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